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Loire Valley from Paris - CDG by train



There are two train stations (Gare) at the airport, 'Aeroport Charles de Gaulle1' at Terminal 3/ Roissypole, for the RER regional train into Paris and 'Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 2 - TGV' within terminal 2 for both regional (RER) trains and TGV intercity trains.

See airport plan here..

If you are travelling directly to one of the cities/towns of the Loire Valley and have chosen the TGV as your choice of transport what you need to do is to make your way to the train station (Gare) 'Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 2 - TGV' within terminal 2. This is for both regional trains (RER) and TGV trains.


If TGV train times from CDG do not suit your travel arrangements then you need to to head into the city ...click here for more information.


*We would suggest the train option then pick up your hire car at your Loire Valley destination rather than picking up a hire car from CDG and driving around Paris unless you really want the experience!



From Terminal 1 or 3 you'll need to make your way to the CDG VAL (Véhicule Automatique Léger) shuttle train by following the signs, over to Terminal 2.





As you can see from the above route the shuttle goes from terminal 1 to 3 to 2 ,with car-park stops in between ,so don't panic as you approach 3 - stay on! 

At terminal 2 you'll arrive very close to the train station.







Paris by train sign at CDG

By following the signs you will arrive at the station area on level 4,here you should find the Sheraton hotel (see plan below ) - if you do you'll know you are in the right place! There is also a bank on this level so its a good place to get some euros plus it will also give you a chance to check out you credit card as in France you normally need a 'smart chip enabled' credit card for purchases.


Descend to Level 2 where you will find the ticket office for the station. The office is split into two sides, one side for tickets for Paris trains (RER B) and the other side for intercity Grandes Lignes trains tickets, which includes TGV trains to the Loire valley.





TGV boarding at CDG

The automated ticket machines here can be used to collect your TGV tickets that you purchased on the internet  - but you must use a 'smart chip enabled' card - and it must  be the card you used to purchase them originally! You will also need your 6 letter booking reference from your booking confirmation -so have it handy.

Once you have your tickets you then descend to Level 1 -remember the station is split into two distinct sides, one for RER suburban trains (for Paris city centre), the other, the one you want, is for the TGV high speed intercity trains, which travel to destinations in the Loire valley.


Note: You will see signs saying 'Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 2 TGV' but this does not mean you have arrived at the TGV platforms as this is just the general name for the station.




From Terminal 2:









The station can be reached from Terminal 2 locations (Halls) by walking/walkways (quite long) or  using the free airport bus Aeroports de Paris N1. You will find signs as to how far you are away from each of the other locations and the station within terminal 2. Once you arrive at the station at level 4 just follow procedure as above.









TGV/RER station is underneath Terminal 2 (between terminals 2C/2E and 2D/2F).
Platforms are on level 1 while SNCF ticket purchase office / informations are available at level 2.
Access to terminal buildings and CDG VAL shuttle train station is at level 4

  • Level 5: Hotel shuttle bus shuttle lines N1 and N2

  • Level 4: Pedestrian access to Terminal 2 and the  CDG VAL.

  • Level 3: Transit Level

  • Level 2: Ticket information and sales & ticket offices and vending machines

  • Level 1: Access to the trains, remember there is a separate sides for TGV and the RER


You can travel from CDG on the TGV directly to these destinations which will give you access to the Loire Valley region:Centre -Val de Loire-Val de Loire                                               

Paris CDG to:

Time Cost 2nd class
Tours: (Saint Pierre des Corps**)  1hr 45mins 48 euro
Angers 2hrs 30mins 56 euro
Les Mans* 1 hr 38mins 42 euro
Chatellerault 3hrs 40 euro
Poitiers* 2 hrs 23mins 55 euro


Please note information is for guidance only - please check with the network


**Saint Pierre des Corps is just outside the city of Tours. If you are heading into Tours itself you will find a non TGV train waiting to take you there on your arrival. You can also pick up a hire car from here for onward journey to you destination.

On Sundays there are 5 TGV trains  from the airport to Saint-Pierre-des-Corps 

Departing at: 8:56 am,1:45 pm,3:42 pm,6:24 pm and 7:34 pm. ).

From Tours/Saint Pierre des Corps you can reach most  other major locations within the Loire Valley by train.


*Although Les Mans (north) plus Chatellerault and Poitiers (south) are not actually in Centre-Val de Loire they give you good access to this beautiful region.


Remember when you make a train journey in France you must always stamp (composter ) your ticket at the small stamping machines on the platforms, before you get on the train. This validates your ticket and prints the date of travel, if this is not done you are effectively travelling with an invalid ticket if caught  you will be fined. If you have printed off an 'E-ticket' you cannot do this because of the style of the ticket but don't panic as you are ok to travel with this.



Information and photographs courtesy of About-Paris.com





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