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Loire Valley from Austerlitz - Paris




From Austerlitz you can get  trains to destinations in the Loire Valley either as your final destination or to pick up your hire car for further exploration. 

Journey times from Paris Austerlitz station.


Tours (Centre):        2hr 15min / 2hr 45min ***

Amboise               2hrs / 2hrs 20min

Blois:                      1hr 30 / 1 hr 55 min

Bourges:                 1 hr 45 min / 2hr

Chateauroux:           2 hrs / 2hr 30 min


Onzain (for Chaumont)

Orléans:                  1 hr 5min / 1hr 30min


Vierzon:                  1hr 30min /  2hr 15min

Vendome:                2hr 15min




*** This train goes through Saint Pierre des Corps



 You can pick up a standard commuter train from any of the above stations to other destinations within the Loire Valley, for example to get to Loches you would transfer to another train at Tours.



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"Author: Jim Craig"








Choose a village house to rent in the Loire Valley direct from the owners.



'Les Balcons'

Sleeps up to 6

Le Grand Pressigny




'Le Bourg'

Sleeps up to 6





'Les Tilleuls'

Sleeps 6-8





'La Charlerie'

Sleeps 2