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Self catering holiday accommodation, cottages, villas and gites for rent in the Loire Valley, Centre-Val de Loire, France

In the 'Val de Loire' you are spoilt for choice with regards to holiday accommodation - everything from sumptuous chateau to a bed under canvas. Your decision will probably be based on budget, location and the holiday experience you are after.

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Choice of town houses, cottages, rural gites, hotels and caravan/campsites within : Centre Val de Loire

If you want a truly authentic French experience then we suggest you choose a village house or cottage where you will most probably have a restaurant, bar, boulangerie and other amenities within walking distance of your accommodation. This is the best opportunity to meet the 'real' French people and although many of the villages may often feel deserted you will receive a warm welcome from the locals you do meet.

A rural gite will be the the choice of visitors who are looking to 'get away from it all' and unwind with their own company but the compromise is the lack of local facilities within walking distance. You are more likely to find properties with pools in rural areas so these are attractive to families with children. You can also get the best of both worlds with a house/gite in a rural village.

Hotels are the choice of people who want the familiarity of a 'brand' perhaps or a particular central location such as a city centre. The Loire has some fine cities by its banks such as Angers, Tours and Orleans to entice the traveller.

If you are touring you might prefer the B&B (Chambre d'Hotes) option which may offer a bit more flexibility. Don't expect your 'full English' or waffle type breakfast however - you will be presented with a 'continental' type repast including some delicious pastries from  the local boulanger and even cake!

If you are on a tighter budget then the Loire Valley has a great selection of private and municipal campsites (which you should not discount) normally in lovely locations or on the outskirts of villages and towns.

If you want to really indulge yourself then why not stay in, or indeed rent a complete, chateau. The Loire Valley is home to over 300 of them so you will find something to suit you pocket and your desire to be pampered.

Our own personal experience is that 'world travellers' will use a variety of accommodation types during their trip and find that the 'home from home' attraction of a fully equipped village house is ideal for them to 'regroup' and catch their breath - after the hustle and bustle of a visit to Paris for example. There is also the practical things like being able to do a washing or the simple things like having a good home cooked meal using local produce bought from within walking distance.

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Alojamientos en el Valle del Loira.

Lieux à vivre dans la vallée de la Loire.

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Luoghi di soggiorno nella Valle della Loira.

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