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A visit to Chateau de Breze is different in that outside the chateau is probably more interesting than the inside!  As you walk from the car-park towards the chateau you are greeted by with a view of what looks like  'just another chateau' but this only  half the story!




Once you start to cross into the chateau itself it is only then you catch a glimpse of what lies ahead. The chateau you first catch site of is in fact built over a complex 'second chateau' carved out of the rock foundations.



All the excavations and underground work was apparently to provide a safe haven from marauding invaders but ironically during it's long history the chateau was never attacked!


There is a guided tour, where an understanding of some French is an advantage, though even without it you will be impressed. Outside there is an incredible system of underground passages and tunnels to explore, and probably for the kids to get lost in – this is where the guide comes in handy!





There are over 1 km of underground passages, housing everything from the largest underground bakery in France to an ice-house and a 'Son et Lumière' show on the bare rock of one of the caverns. The château was transformed during the 16th and the 19th centuries.








The current structure is Renaissance in style yet retains medieval elements. Today, it is the residence of descendants of the ancient lords. The château has been a listed ancient monument since 1960.







If you have time, take in  a visit to inside of the chateau- if you need more French culture -once you have found the kids again! (they probably wont like it as much)







Although this time might be better spent in the wine cellars of the chateau doing a bit of 'tasting' - your choice!.





1st Feb. to 31st March - Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 6.00pm

1st April to 30th Sept. open every day 10am - 6.30 pm

1st Oct. to 31st Dec. - Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 6.00pm

Except  Christmas day.


Official site : wwww.chateaudebreze.com



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"Author: Jim Craig"