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Zoo de Doue is located in the town of Doue-la Fontaine which is 17KM south west of Saumur. It is well signposted off the D960 bypass around the town.




 Its inconspicuous entrance belies the experience that awaits the visitor. On entering, you are immediately transported into the most unexpected of environments and the feeling of being in another world.




Its position, within the excavations of an old quarry, makes it an ideal place to visit, even on the sunniest of days, as you are provided with plenty of shade from the varied plants and trees as well as the natural caverns of the quarry.










Children will find the habitat as much fun as viewing the good collection (over 600) of animals.






 They will love the pygmy hippopotami as they

 can be viewed under water swimming only inches away from you...






and the delightful Flamencos







The enclosures are built in such a way that you feel you are walking amongst the animals (not a cage in sight) and unlike some zoos the majority of them actually look very comfortable in their environment.




There are many opportunities to watch the animals being fed during your visit with the vulture pit being an unusual experience –although not for the faint hearted!




At Doue you will find not only the largest aviary in France but that of Europe! It is dedicated to South American birds, built over a site of 1 hectare.200 birds, Macaws, ibis, spoonbills, vultures and flamingos can be found with new birds continuing to be added. 




You will have a great day out here with the kids and although you have options for eating on-site you can also take a picnic -- don’t forget to get something for the animals.





The zoo is open from February through to November 1st.

Open 9.00am ‘til 7.30pm during the summer months.

adults: € 21.00
children (from
3 to 10 years): € 15.50




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"Author: Jim Craig"