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 Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc on horseback statue in Orleans

This annual festival, now remarkably been celebrated for over 600 years, is a celebration of the liberation of the city of Orleans by Joan of Arc during the 'Hundred Years War'. Riding at the head of her army, she relieved the English siege of the city and later defeated the English army of Lord Talbot outright at the battle of Patay.

Joan of arc leads the parade at the festival in Orleans France

The festival starts with Joan, who is chosen from one of the local high schools, riding through the streets of Orleans leading the parade.

Orleans street ined with people for Joan of Arc parade

Visitors to the festival can experience the atmosphere  of a  medieval market complete with jugglers, musicians and dancers.

Medrival festival in orleans

There are displays of falconry .sword fencing and battle re-enactments. To complete the picture you can witness crafts from the middle ages and enjoy a glass of warm mead.

You will be impressed with the rousing charge of the knights on horseback before the cathedral takes centre stage for the very popular light show and firework display.

The festival takes place during the first week in May each year.

2018 programme

hOrleans in the Loire Valley France


On 24 May, 1430  Joan was captured by the Burgundians and later 'sold' to the English. Charles VII of France, whose crown she had fought to save, turned his back on her and in May 1431, after a show trial, Joan of Arc was burned alive at the stake at the age of 19.She was canonised in 1920.

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