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Ste. Croix Cathedral Orleans

The impressive cathedral of Ste Croix in Orleans dominates the landscape  of the city in a way great buildings do, its  towers are visible from most points within the city as if to confirm its importance. The site has been home to a church since the 10th century with apparently some of its original - foundations being part of the bedrock of the current cathedral.

Historical events including religious wars has meant that the site has had a chequered past.



The royal purse of Henri VIth financed the rebuilding of the cathedral In 1599.The rebuilding work took over 200 years and this is illustrated by the mixture of styles of its appearance with both Romanesque and Gothic influences.It was only officially inaugurated on May 8,1829 on the 400 th anniversary of the liberation of the city from the English,by Joan of Arc.

The inside is as you would expect is quite spectacular and makes you wonder how such a building could be constructed when it was -- could it be done today? There is a very grand 17th century organ to view, plus the naves of the Cathedral are adorned by a series of ten stained glass windows honoring Joan of Arc.


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