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 Chateau du Grand-Pressigny in the Loire Valley

chateau at Le Grand Pressigny

The chateau at Le Grand-Pressigny is an interesting place to visit as it not only has architectural qualities and a pretty garden but it is also home to the area's Museum of Prehistory.

Entrance to the chateau at Le Grand Pressigny

The chateau's formidable keep, built at the end of XIIth century was later enhanced by a strong defensive enclosure with towers.

the keep at the chateau in Le Grand Pressigny

The impressive ramparts surrounding the castle date from the 14th century. This was  timely as because of its location between the English and French conflicts it became a strategic stronghold during the 100 Years War. The duke of Burgundy an ally of the English, seized the castle in 1417 but only held it for a year before it was retaken for the French by the dolphin Charles, the future Charles VII.

view of the chateau at Le Grand Pressigny

The chateau was restored around 1560 by Honorat de Savoie, a loyal lord to the Kings of France. The arcaded gallery built during the wars of religion around the main courtyard shows the care devoted to this restoration.

Looking through the main entrance arch at the chateau in Le Grand Pressigny

Walking  through its central arch you can't help but get a feeling of times gone by.

View of Le Grand Pressigny village from the chateau

There are good  views  of the village from the chateau grounds.

 Some excellent sketches and  history of the castle can be found here

 Le Grand-Pressigny

 Prehistory Museum

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