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Beauval Zoo can be found just 2km south of the riverside town of St. Aignan in a pleasant valley that has allowed the creation of a park offering its animal collection (more than 4000) as near to a natural habitat as can be provided in captivity. It claims to be the second 'most visited' private park in the whole of France.  

Panda at Zoo Beauval in the Loire Valley

Since arriving here in January 2012 two giant pandas Huan Huan and Yuan Zi  have been among the star attractions of Zoo Beauval, helping to increase its visitor numbers and the arrival of their baby 'Yuan Meng' will only add to its popularity but there is more to the zoo than just the cuddly pandas...the park  has over 40 big cats that include lions, leopards, jaguars and their famous white tigers.


The park has been laid out to give the visitors a feeling that they are in fact viewing the animals on their home territory. There is for example an area of over 3 hectares  given over for the re-creation of an African Plain environment where zebras, giraffes, rhinoceros and other antelopes roam freely.


You can take a walk through the tropical greenhouses where exotic birds fly freely around you and can see chimpanzees, gorillas and orang-utans at close range


There is a 1500 seater arena where an hour long display both in the water by the sea-lions and in the air by an array of birds of pray is quite a spectacle.





ZooParc de Beauval
41110 St Aignan

Tel : 02 54 75 5000




Tarifs individuels

1 day

Pass 2 days

Pass annual

Adults and children over 11yrs

29 €

43.50 €


   Children 3-10 yrs


34.50 €




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**Some photographs courtesy of Zoo de Beauval


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