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'Old Walnut Mill'

Sleeps up to 4



Great barn conversion in village of Barrou


'Le Bourg'

Sleeps up to 6




'La Belle Vue'

Sleeps 2



house to rent in Le Grand Pressigny

'Les Balcons'

Sleeps up to 6

Le Grand Pressigny





Loire Valley - Troglodytes


 As you explore the Loire Valley you cannot fail to notice the abundance of dwellings dug into the slopes and rock faces of the landscape. These are referred to as troglodytes and are the results of the local people’s desire to use their environment to its full potential. The tufa stone that these dwellings are cut from is soft, manageable and easy to work, so they had the double benefit of selling the quarried stone while creating a living or working space for them or their families. The troglodyte caves have the advantage of staying at a fairly constant 12 degrees centigrade thus making them a good all year round habitat that provided heat in winter and remained cool in summer as well as giving good protection from the elements. Below are a variety of examples which now form part of the areas diverse tourist attractions. There are many fine examples of troglodytes in towns and villages of the region such as Saumur, and Doue le Fontaine. A very good example of this is the Troglodyte village of Rochemenier which is in the commune of Louresse-Rochemenier 6 km NW of Doue-la-Fontaine, check out the links below...


From Latin Trōglodytae, a people said to be cave dwellers, from Greek Trōglodutai, alteration (influenced by trōglē, hole , and -dutai, those who enter) of Trōgodutai.  Source 'Answers.com'


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Chateau de Breze

      Troglodyte Village

  Valley Goupillieres

    Les Perrières

Mushroom cave

Underground City

Silkworm farm


Mushroom museum



Village of Troo

Pierre et Lumiere





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