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 Chateau de Gue-Pean in the Loire Valley


When we checked out Château Gue-Pean we and a charming French couple were its only visitors that day  -- this is part of its charm -- not as an immediate choice as its grandeur neighbours but if you are in the vicinity you should drop in! Its design is a little different with the inclusion of the tower with its bell-shaped roof - similar to the grander Chateau de Valencay

Gue-Pean is built on a the former site of a Roman camp later to become a Middle-age stronghold before its rise as the building you see today -- this like many others had to rebuilt after the 'Hundred Years War'.



Once through the gate you are left to check out the private chapel and  the 'bell tower' on your own before being given 'the tour' in French by your guide.The chapel is simple and serene and gives the desired effect.

The tower is interesting in that it contains World War 1 graffiti where USA soldiers have left their mark --vandalism or History ? - judge for yourself.

The views from the tower are interesting and give you some idea of how life at the chateau must have been like in its grandest times. Its not hard to imagine the privileged classes parading in the courtyard.

Inside is not overly impressive and like most chateaux you only get to see part, the library and lounges, of what's on offer as it is still used as a private residence - currently we believe by Denis Laming the designer of the 'Futuroscope' theme park near Poitier. It has been filled with general bric-a-brac and non-matching pieces of furniture -- perhaps to make it more interesting.

Rumour has it that  this is where King Francois I and Mary Queen of Scots would have their clandestine meetings.

Open from 1st May to 30th September: 10.30 am to 12.30 and from 2.00pm to 6.30pm.




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