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The church of St. Anthony (Saint-Antoine) in Loches has been in the tourism spotlight since 2006 when two paintings were discovered discarded in its organ loft. They were identified on an inventory as original *'Caravaggio's and reputed to be worth up to £50 million each.

The building you see today dates from 1812, built from the remains of the 'UrsulineConvent' in the town which was largely destroyed during the French Revolution. The old dining hall was saved and eventually used as a stable for police horses before becoming the town's second church to St.Ours. The people of the town wanted somewhere that was more accessible than the climb up the hill.

It was however allowed to fall into disrepair and it wasn't until 2009 before a 2 year restoration plan was put in place, the results of which can be viewed today. 


St Anthony's church Loches altar


There is now a stunning church consisting of a nave, choir and two side chapels.


St Anthony's church Loches chapel     St Anthony's church Loches chapel 2

There is one chapel dedicated to the sacred heart and one to our Lady.

 St Anthony's church Loches stained glass     St Anthony's church Loches stained glass 2

The stained glass windows are again from our friends from the Lobin factory of Tours.

St Anthony's church Loches font

The baptismal font shows a community that obviously involves its children.

This is another church that might be considered as a gallery due to the artwork on display.


Where's Joan?

St Joan in St Anthony's church Loches chapel

 She's here beneath a portrait of Saint Charles Borromeé, a former cardinal and bishop of Milan (?).

Carravaggio  exhibition Loches


*Loches promotes itself as a 'Caravaggio town' and they can be viewed in the church where they were discovered in a newly designed annex.






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