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Abbeys & Cathedrals in Loire Valley

Although probably best known for its chateaux the Loire Valley has a wealth of architectural heritage to offer its visitors.....  village churches (eglises), grand town halls (hotel de villes),   great abbeys and some of the worlds finest cathedrals.

Who would not stand in awe at the sight of the glorious collection  stained glass windows of Chartres cathedral or the splendour that is Bourges cathedral, the widest Gothic cathedral in France.

Every town and village has its church or churches at the heart of the community.


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 Chartres Cathedral


 Bourges Cathedral


Tours Cathedral



Orleans Cathedral



Angers Cathedral



Blois Cathedral



Pontlevoy Abbey






Fontevraud Abbey 





Trinity Abbey Vendome



Saint Cosme Priory



 St. Pierre de Solesmes







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